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TACOBOWL with homemade taco seasoning - win for your HORMONES

Tacobowl med egengjord tacokrydda - win för dina hormoner

An incredible lunch/dinner that contains all the building blocks you need for a balanced menstrual cycle! For example, if you have insulin sensitivity or PCOS , you can replace the rice with other vegetables or beans that you like. The wonderful thing about tacos is that you can mix and match whatever you fancy and whatever suits you!

Simple and nutritious tacos for your hormones

In our taco bowl, we have organic ground beef fried in homemade taco seasoning (sugar-free and gluten-free) which we serve with various vegetables, rice, beans, mango salsa and avocado.

Ground beef
Beans/ Chickpeas
Red cabbage

    Do this:
    Start by boiling the rice. Then you fry the ground beef and add paprika, corn, beans when it is cooked through. Season at the same time with the homemade taco seasoning to taste and leave on low heat.

    For the mango salsa you will need the following:
    Red onion
    Chili powder

      Do this:
      Chop the tomatoes, mango, red onion and squeeze lime and season with chili flakes - stir.

      For taco seasoning, you need the following (tip is to triple the recipe when you're going to make the seasoning anyway, so you'll have it for the future):

      1.5 chili powder
      1.5 tbsp paprika powder
      1 tbsp garlic powder
      1 tbsp cumin
      2 crm cayenne pepper
      1 tablespoon salt

      Tip is to start the bowl with spinach at the bottom and then the rice - the mince - the red cabbage and the mango salsa, top with the avocado and some chili flakes and some lime on top. DREAM!

      Recipe image comes from fantastic Alva .

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      The simplicity of creating bowls is underrated. It can be filled with whatever you like. Here we give you two examples of bowls that we ourselves love and also our hormones!

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