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For a life in sync with your female biology

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BEST FRIENDS creating a health revolution FOR WOMEN

Womensync was founded on the belief that every woman has the right to understand her own body and the things that truly impact it. Today, numerous women experience hormonal imbalances, missed periods, involuntary childlessness, and other period-related issues. Fortunately, many of these symptoms and diagnoses can be addressed by making lifestyle changes, something that the company's two founders have experienced themselves. This is why Womensync creates products, shares knowledge, and provides inspiration to empower women to live in sync with their cycles, feeling as good as possible, regardless of the day of the month or life events.c creates products, shares knowledge, provides inspiration and empowering women to live in sync with their cycles feeling as good as possible, regardless of the day of the month or life events.


Reduced price due to short dates

Chicca Roast Bag 275 g

The bag, which contains almost twice as much as a can, has a short shelf life and expires on 30/8. Therefore, we have reduced the price from SEK 249 to SEK 149 per piece, and you get an even better price if you buy 2 pieces (SEK 124 each, saving SEK 50 per piece).



Choklad- och karamellbars med Chicca Roast

Choklad- och karamellbars MED CHICCA ROAST

Våra choklad- och karamellbars är den perfekta efterrätten när sötsuget dyker upp. De är fria från gluten, mjölk och raffinerat vitt socker. De har en perfekt balans mellan sött, salt...

Godaste glutenfria frallorna

Godaste glutenfria FRALLORNA

Letar du efter det bästa receptet på glutenfria, hälsosamma och näringsrika frallor? Då har du hittat rätt. De här frallorna är perfekta till frukost, mellanmål eller som en lyxig brunch....

hormonvänlig frukost

GRÖT MED SMAK AV saffran och kokos

En favoritfrukost att äta vid jul är vår krämiga saffrans- och kokosgröt som passar alla dagar i menscykeln. Den innehåller fibrer, högkvalitativa fetter och protein som stabiliserar vårt blodsocker. En...

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