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Womensync Podcast

Womensync Podcast
Womensync podcast is the podcast for women of our time. It is a health podcast that takes into account a new dimension of health that was previously not highlighted in the context of health - what health means from the perspective of a female biology.

In every other episode, the podcast is hosted by one of Sweden's leading experts and profiles in women's health and holistic health. The conversations highlight all the things you wish you had known about when it comes to female biology, what affects it and how we can feel our best. You also gain a greater understanding of how thoughts, feelings and how feminine and masculine energy have an impact on your body and how you can use this to your advantage.

Whether you have menstrual cycle challenges or just want to have a deeper relationship with yourself and your body, this podcast is where you get the tools. Womensync was founded by Susanna Moen and Sara Norrbom and is a lifestyle concept that conveys knowledge, inspiration and products that help women feel as good as possible through all stages of life.

#0 Get to know the founders behind Womensync

#1 Everything about the menstrual cycle and how you can influence it with Jenny Koos

#2 Fertility and healing from within with Doctor Diamantis

#3 Passion for women's health, holistic health and motherhood with Sanne Josefsson

#4 Food as a powerful tool for a menstrual cycle and health in balance with Maria Särén

#5 Missed periods, lifestyle changes and holistic health with Susanna Moen

#6 Strong for pre-menopause and menopause with Monika Björn

#7 The longing for a baby and everything you wish you knew during a pregnancy with Michaela Forni

#8 Fat phobia, food and biohacks for hormones in balance with Martina Johansson

#9 On birth preparation, childbirth and pregnancy with Asabea Britton

#10 To track your bike and use the phases in your everyday life with Sara and Susanna

#11 Healing, hormones and feminine energy with Dr. Marie Christina

#12 Female enjoyment by and for females with AVA Stories

#13 The fantastic effects of acupuncture and Chinese medicine for our fertility with Josefin Hemmingsson

#14 How you yourself can influence your hormones through nutrition with Anna Hamilton

#15 How to optimize to feel as good as possible throughout the menstrual cycle with Mia Lundin

#16 The link between blood sugar and fertility and how you balance it with Maria Särén

#17 Abortion – a personal experience

#18 Hormonal acne and how you can influence it yourself with Maria Särén

#19 Long menstrual cycle – how does stress, travel, fasting and caffeine affect?

#20 This is how you understand and influence your menstrual cycle

#21 Tips to positively influence your cycle length

#22 Exercise, the menstrual cycle and listening to your body p

#23 Guess who's back

#24 How to live toxic-free, sustainably and with more energy in life with Cecilia Lassfolk

#25 What type of skin care is really best with Johanna Gillbro

#26 How to see your worth, find acceptance and break unwanted patterns

#27 Trimester 0 - Supporting the body before a pregnancy with Maria Särén

#28 Q&A Trimester Zero with Maria Särén

#29 Simple tips on how to minimize toxins in your everyday life

#30 Women's health, relationships and the perfect female body with Dan Lainio and Oliver Ekroth

#31 Grounding and its impact on hormones and fertility with Disa Mineur

#32 Self-love, the thyroid gland and pinch training with Karin Björkegren Jones

#33 The Cause of Unbalanced Hormones and How to Heal Them with Doctor Diamatis

#34 How to heal complexes and your deepest wounds

#35 The lymphatic system, skin care and why you shouldn't have soap in your closet with Karin Björkegren Jones

#36 How to get rid of PMS through tools in your lifestyle

#37 Gender roles, beauty sickness and self-objectification with Louise Arvidsson

#38 Lessons learned and evaluation of the year that has been and CEO we look forward to 2023


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