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COLD POTATO SALAD that will make your hormones rejoice

Mat och menscykel

Do you need inspiration for a nutritious lunch and dinner? Here comes an ultimate tip from us to you! Warm potato salad mixed with fresh vegetables and a wonderful dressing served with crispy halloumi and hummus. It is a meal that contains a mixture of high-quality fats, protein and complex carbohydrates .

Does resistant starch affect blood sugar?

Resistant starch is a form of fiber that you can find, for example, in cold potatoes and green bananas. The beauty of resistant starch is that the body cannot break down the resistant starch, which means that it does not have as great an impact on blood sugar. Instead of being broken down in the blood, the resistant starch goes all the way down to the colon where it hopefully becomes food for the good bacteria in the gut. In other words, cold potatoes can serve as an alternative for you who have problems with blood sugar or PCOS.

The potato salad can be varied endlessly with different vegetables based on what you have at home and like. It is also possible to replace halloumi with another protein source such as salmon, chicken or meat if you like it better. Vary vegetables according to season and taste. The potato salad is perfect to have prepared in the fridge!

You need:
New potatoes

(Use vegetables you think are good and have at home)
Small tomatoes
Red onion
Feta cheese
Sun-dried tomatoes
Pumpkin seeds

Spices such as:
Herbs/herb salt

Olive oil

Halloumi/chicken/fish/any protein source

Do this:
Start by boiling the potatoes as it takes the longest. Slice the vegetables. When the potatoes have finished cooking and cooled, you can start by mixing in the spinach, the split tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese, the red onion, the sun-dried tomatoes and the thinly sliced ​​zucchini! After that, you should season the dish with a little herb salt, pepper and herbs. Now you can squeeze lemon (about 1/3) and drizzle a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, 2-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar over the salad and mix together to get a really tasty result! Taste and top with dry roasted pumpkin seeds! Fry halloumi ( you can have whatever, salmon, chicken or egg ) and top with hummus. Eat and enjoy!

Did you like this recipe?

We can strongly recommend our Chevré salad , which contains many good ingredients. The Qunioa and chicken salad is also a magical meal for our hormones!


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