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Cold POTATO SALAD with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs for HORMONAL BALANCE

Kall potatis bra för blodsocker

Potato salad is underrated. It is an ace up the sleeve that can be varied infinitely depending on the suction and phase. It works just as well for lunch as for a more luxurious dinner!

Simple and good potato salad

This potato salad is filled with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs, tomato, paprika, edamame beans and spinach combined in a magically delicious herb dressing made of olive oil, dill, basil, parsley and salt. We fried eggs for the potato salad, but it's just as good to eat it with salmon, chicken, halloumi or meat.

Cold potatoes can also work for you with PCOS as cold potatoes contain resistant starch (fibres) which means that blood sugar does not rise to the same extent as when eaten warm. A tip could be to make a vinaigrette that contains vinegar as it can have a positive effect on blood sugar. You can read more about vinegar and blood sugar here.

Recipe for about 4 servings
About 500-600 g potatoes
Red onion

Edamame beans
Feta cheese
0.5 can of sun-dried tomatoes
0.5 dl olive oil
0.5 dl herbs: basil, dill and parsley
A splash of vinegar
Optional spices

2-3 organic eggs
Real butter to fry in

Do this: Boil the potatoes (with the skin on). At the same time, chop the vegetables, the feta cheese and mix together, with olive oil with herbs and salt. When the potatoes have finished cooking and cooled, mix with the vegetables, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and herb oil - done! It is just as good to eat warm as it is cold the next day!

A meal that contains the building blocks you need for a balanced menstrual cycle. Recipe image from Alva .

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