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Bowl with CRISPY HALLOUMI, beetroot hummus and fried vegetables

mat för hormoner

Don't know what to cook for lunch or dinner? Let's present a magical bowl with answer tris, crispy halloumi, garlic fried broccoli and black cabbage! It is incredibly good and also simple and quick to prepare. It contains a mixture of fat, protein and carbohydrates + a variety of lovely colors that boost your body.

Simple and healthy meal

The meal can be varied infinitely depending on what you like. If you don't eat halloumi, it works at least as well with, for example, salmon, chicken or another protein source. Top with feta cheese, chèvre and seeds/nuts.

Recipe for 1 serving
Black rice + Country broth
1 handful of spinach + 1 carrot + broccoli + black cabbage
Spices like garlic, salt + other spices you like
Real butter (to fry in)

Beetroot hummus:
400 g boiled beetroot (about 3 boiled beetroots)
1 packet of white beans/chickpeas
1 clove of garlic
1-2 tsp tahini
2 tablespoons of lemon
2 tbsp olive oil

Do this: Cook the rice according to the instructions, cook with country broth for an extra good taste. Then make the hummus by mixing all the ingredients into a smooth mixture. It should become creamy, season with salt and add water depending on the consistency you want it to be. Add more olive oil if you want it more smooth and "fluffy". Then fry the broccoli and black cabbage in a pan with real butter and garlic and season with other spices you like. Leave in the pan until they begin to soften and gain some surface area. Then fry halloumi/chicken/salmon/meat.

Add the rice, the fried vegetables, the halloumi and the beetroot hummus. Can be served with spinach, carrot or other vegetables that you love or what you have at home! The bowl contains a variety of nutrition for your menstrual cycle <3

Recipe and picture come from awesome Alva .

Did you like this recipe?

We love the arrangement with a good bowl that is easy to prepare. Another bowl we have is our Sweet Potato Bowl , which contains a mixture of fats, protein and carbohydrates. We may be biased but our Tacobowl is also magical.


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