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SNICKERSCHIA PUDDING - perfect before your period

godaste snickers chiapudding

Chia pudding is always a winning concept. Today's chia pudding gives a luxurious feeling reminiscent of snickers. A snack that is perfect in phase 3 (before menstruation) when we may experience any sweet cravings . It is filled with fat, protein and carbohydrates that will make you feel full and satisfied.

Chia pudding that is perfect before your period

The Snickers chia pudding is a mixture of creamy and smooth coconut milk, vanilla, sweetness from pieces of banana and crunchy cocoa nibs. It is perfect as a snack or dessert when the sweet tooth can come like a letter in the mail! Feel free to top with nuts/seeds or alternatively have an egg on the side to get in extra protein and to stabilize blood sugar (which means you stay full longer and avoid possible energy dips).

Recipe for snickers chia pudding
2 tbsp chia seeds

1.5 dl coconut milk in tetra
0.5 dl cold water
0.5 tsp real vanilla powder

Do this: Mix everything together and leave for a few hours or overnight. If necessary, mix with more water/coconut milk until you get the desired consistency. Top with half a sliced ​​banana (green banana = resistance starch = fiber = doesn't make the blood sugar spike the same way), cocoa nibs and nuts.

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