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Ground beef steaks with a hearty salad - suitable for the ENTIRE MENSTRUAL CYCLE

hälsosam middag för hormoner

Simple lunch or dinner that contains a mixture of protein, fat and carbohydrates that makes us feel properly full and satisfied. Organic ground beef contains both cholesterol (helps the body create our important sex hormones) and iron, which is important for our menstrual cycle. Did you know that the absorption of iron differs between plant and animal foods? You can read more about it here .

Recipe for a fresh, nutritious and filling lunch/dinner

Ground beef steaks with a salad made of black rice/oat rice/brown rice/potato, broccoli, carrot, red onion, kale, feta cheese and pumpkin seeds together with a good sauce.

You need:
Organic ground beef
Black rice/ oat rice/ potatoes - whatever you want!

    Do this:
    Cook rice/potatoes or whatever you fancy. Mix organic ground beef with dried herbs, sambal, garlic, salt & pepper. Shape into patties and start frying.

    For the salad:
    Red onion
    Feta cheese/ Chevre/ Parmesan
    Optional salad

      Do this:
      Chop broccoli and kale and fry in garlic, onion powder and butter. Chop/turn down the rest of the vegetables and mix with the broccoli and kale + rice when it's ready.
      Top with feta cheese, nuts and seeds and squeeze lemon over. Tip is to dry-roast the nuts/seeds in a pan for extra crunch and flavor.

      For the sauce:
      Salt & Pepper

        Do this:
        Mix yogurt, lemon, sambal, garlic, honey and optional spices. Serve the warm summer salad with the steaks and the fresh yogurt sauce!

        Recipe image comes from fantastic Alva

        Did you like this recipe?

        All our recipes want to contribute to hormones in balance and one that we want to recommend is our Oven-baked salmon with potatoes . There will also be a recipe for a magical basil dressing that fits perfectly!


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