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Magisk raw saffranscheescake

Our sugar- and gluten-free cheesecake is perfect as a luxurious dessert. It is given when you want to offer something that sparkles a little extra. Here you (and your guests) get a real taste experience from the crispy bottom which is combined with a smooth and creamy layer with the rich taste of coconut and saffron together with fresh orange.

Perfect cake for festive occasions

Saffron has been shown to be able to affect our well-being in a positive way by reducing anxiety and worry. For us, our Sparkling Cheesecake symbolizes well-being on several levels, both through beneficial ingredients, flavors, the beautiful color and that we eat it together with people we are inspired by. You get the combination of food, enjoyment and community. It is well-being through and through.

Preparation: Soak cashews for at least three hours.

Recipe Sparkling Cheesecake
Ingredients layer 1
2 dl sunflower seeds
1 cup coconut flakes
1 dl sesame seeds
0.75 tsp iodized salt
10 fresh pitted dates
3 tbsp ghee/real butter

Make layer 1 like this :
Mix sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, coconut flakes and salt into a coarse flour in a food processor. Mix pitted dates and ghee together with the remaining ingredients until you get a cohesive batter. Press out on a piece of baking paper in a round shape so that it gets about 1.5 cm high edges on the sides. Store in the freezer.

Ingredients layer 2
4 dl soaked cashews
3 dl coconut milk in tetra
0.5 dl Swedish liquid honey
0.5 dl neutral coconut oil
Grated orange peel from 1 orange
2 packets of saffron
1 tsp real vanilla powder

Lingonberries or red currants

Coconut flakes

Make layer 2 like this :
Soak the cashews. Wash the orange thoroughly and grate the peel. Mix cashew nuts, coconut milk, honey and coconut oil to a smooth batter. Heat the saffron with a teaspoon of water so that the saffron dissolves. Mix in the saffron and remaining ingredients. Taste if you want more sweetness, then add more honey. We blend layer two in a powerful blender to get it smooth and smooth. Pour the batter over layer one. Remove from the freezer about 20 minutes before serving. Top with lingonberries or red currants for the ultimate taste sensation!

Did you like this recipe?

Did you read at the beginning that saffron has been shown to have an effect on anxiety and worry? Since it has proven to have a positive effect on us, we want to recommend our Saffron Balls , which are easy to make and delicious to eat! Or if you are more in the mood for food, we can recommend the Saffron Cod, which is suitable for the entire menstrual cycle!


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