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Chicken bowl with tahini dressing for YOUR HORMONES

mat för hormoner och blodsocker

A healthy colorful bowl filled with nutrition. The ultimate everyday dish that is both simple and good. It's also a dinner where you get a mix of high-quality fats from the avocado and the tahini dressing that keeps your blood sugar stable. Complete protein from the chicken and complex carbohydrates from the black rice. Add to that a variety of vegetables in different colors that add extra fiber to your meal. A dinner that contains a mixture of the building blocks your body needs for functioning hormones.


The recipe can be varied endlessly, so use the vegetables that you prefer and are in season, it is also possible to replace chicken with e.g. salmon, steak or prawns. What you need for about two servings:

The Bowl
Chicken for two servings
Black rice/cauliflower rice/cabbage/zucchini noodles for two servings
1 carrot
1/2 cucumber
1 avocado
Acidified/pickled vegetables

Seasoning for the chicken: cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt and pepper, a dash of honey and real butter or ghee to fry in.

Tahini dressing
1 cup tahini
1 dl coconut milk
1/2 squeezed lemon or lime
1 clove of garlic
Maybe a little honey for sweetness
Maybe some tamari soy
+ spices such as chili flakes and salt.

Do this: Cook the rice according to the instructions. Put the chicken in a bowl and then marinate the chicken by pouring all the seasoning, stirring well so that all the chicken is covered with the seasoning. Then fry chicken in real butter. Turn or chop vegetables with a cheese grater/peeler. Core the avocado and add mango if you want it, if you have problems with PCOS or insulin sensitivity, the tip is to replace the mango with a vegetable or end the meal with mango so as not to affect the blood sugar to the same extent (i.e. start with vegetables, fat and protein before fast carbohydrates).

Mix tahini, coconut milk and water to desired consistency. It will look like the sauce will curdle at first, stirring with a spoon until it comes together, add water as you go until you get the consistency you want. In with garlic, squeezed lemon/lime and spices. When the chicken and rice are ready, it's time to eat. Finish by topping with cashew nuts, pickled vegetables and the dressing.

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Recipe image: Alva Brobakken


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