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COLLAGEN YOGHURT BOWL - the ultimate breakfast for your hormones

God och enkel Collagen yoghurt bowl

Are you short on time in the morning and at the same time want to eat a healthy, nutritious and simple breakfast? Here are tips for one of the simplest and tastiest breakfasts we know: yoghurt bowl boosted with collagen (if you can tolerate milk, that is) topped with walnuts, cocoa nibs, berries and the warming spices Ceylon cinnamon and cardamom. This is also a perfect breakfast to take to work.

Good and simple Collagen Yogurt Bowl

Besides being tasty, this breakfast is quick and easy. It contains high-quality fats from full-fat yogurt that stabilize your blood sugar . Full-fat yogurt contains mostly fat and a smaller percentage of protein, so we love to add our Womensync collagen to get more amino acids. An alternative could also be to stir in a scoop of protein powder (of high quality) to keep you full longer and increase your protein intake or to eat an egg on the side.
If you can't stand milk, a tip is to replace the yogurt with, for example, coconut yogurt or this wonderful chia pudding .

Any amount of full-fat Turkish/Greek yogurt (we usually take about 300g)
1 tbsp Womensync collagen

Protein powder (we use this vanilla protein powder )

Do this:
Mix together yogurt and collagen to the desired consistency. Our favorite topping is to serve with nuts and seeds for extra fiber and fats. Feel free to choose walnuts that are rich in omega-3, pumpkin seeds and cocoa nibs for magnesium and extra crunch and berries for sweetness, vitamins and antioxidants. For extra flavor, you can top with Ceylon cinnamon and cardamom.

Many women undereat unconsciously. We are often asked how much yogurt we take and we usually take about 300 g for a portion, this varies depending on where we are in our menstrual cycle, if we eat something else or how hungry we are. Many people just take a few spoonfuls and think that's enough, dare to fill up and listen to your body to keep you full until lunch.

Do you like this recipe?

We also have our incredibly good scrambled eggs with banana that keep your blood sugar and your hormones stable during the day, while you get enough fat and protein.


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