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How lifestyle affects FEMALE BIOLOGY

livsstil påverkar den kvinnliga biologin

We had never reflected that the menstrual cycle could be a reflection of our lifestyle. That stress, worries about money, tight deadlines, exercising too hard or not exercising at all, eating too little or too poorly could have an effect on the menstrual cycle. It was something we had no idea about. Until now.

We didn't realize that stress, whether mental or physical, could have the same negative impact on our menstrual cycle and health. We didn't understand that what was happening inside us, that thoughts and feelings and worries could affect the outcome of the menstrual cycle as well as lack of sleep, poor nutrition or chemicals in everyday products we use.

Is it possible to influence how our menstrual cycle turns out?

The tools needed to influence the outcome of our menstrual cycle are found in our lifestyle, in our everyday life. For the sake of simplicity, we have divided lifestyle into four categories; nutrition, physical activity, recovery and environment .

When we talk about nutrition, it is about synchronizing your diet with your menstrual cycle and the phase you are in. This is based on the fact that you may need different nutrients depending on which phase you are in. It is also common and completely natural that appetite and cravings change during the course of the month depending on the phase. By supporting the body with the right nutrition, you can reduce menstrual-related problems, increase your well-being, energy and presence. Nutrition is a fantastic tool!

Our cycle also affects how we experience physical activity and how the body feels and how strong and energetic we are . By adapting your training to the cycle, you can avoid and reduce your period-related problems, but you can also adapt and optimize your training depending on which phase you are in.

Recovery is crucial to being able to function as you are meant to do. The type and amount of recovery is individual, but also depends on where you are in your cycle. Do you dare to listen to your inner signals and give yourself the recovery you need? A good tip is to plan time for recovery in the calendar and think about what exactly you experience as recovery.

What do we get out of syncing lifestyle and menstrual cycle?

Syncing lifestyle to menstrual cycle can both prevent and reduce period-related challenges and discomforts and it can also be used as a powerful tool to understand yourself better . This, in turn, can help you reach another dimension in your personal development and understand yourself deeply. There is incredible power in working with your cyclical changes and adapting activities based on where you are.

How can you adapt your life to your cycle and what tools do you need?

The biggest and most important step is to create awareness of our female biology and how we are thus cyclical. Being cyclic means that our hormones change according to a monthly cycle. Men's hormones, on the other hand, follow a circadian cycle, making it more natural for them to eat, exercise, sleep and feel similarly every day. For us women, sex hormones change during the month, which makes it more natural to eat, exercise, sleep and feel differently depending on where we are in our menstrual cycle and what our body needs at that time.

The female biology needs a different way of living, a different type of lifestyle than the male. A lifestyle that takes into account our cyclical changes and how they affect us. The tools are largely found in our everyday life = nutrition, physical activity, recovery and the environment, so we have a chance to influence ourselves!


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