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Hur du gör den godaste CHICCA ROASTEN

godaste chicca roasten som är koffeinfri

Chicca Roast is the ultimate caffeine-free alternative to coffee, as it is an herbal powder that is easily mixed with hot water. The best part is that it is completely caffeine-free and has a nutty and roasted taste that is perfect for those who love the deep and full feeling of coffee, but want to avoid its side effects that coffee can bring.

How to easily make a perfect Chicca Roast

Our Chicca Roast is made from 100% organic chicory root. Chicory root is an amazing herb that has long been known for its healthful properties and is traditionally used as a caffeine-free substitute for coffee. The natural properties of the root give the drink its distinct and roasted flavor reminiscent of coffee. Below are some guidelines for how to get the perfect Chicca Roast.

We recommend mixing 1.5-2 tablespoons of Chicca Roast with 1-1.5 dl of boiled water. Some of you have had too little chicca in, which means that it will be a bit bitter aftertaste. We therefore prefer to make it a little stronger to really bring out the taste of chicory. Here is an example:

In a glass that holds 20 cl we have:
1.5-2 tbsp Chicca Roast
1.5 dl hot water
0.5-1 dl skimmed red milk (3%) milk or cream

Which milk should you have?
We recommend using organic cow's milk, preferably the red one containing 3% fat or organic cream. It is perfectly fine to use e.g. coconut milk/coconut cream, oat milk or almond milk if you want to avoid dairy. Just keep in mind that oat milk often raises blood sugar more than regular milk if you are sensitive to it.

Milk frother
We usually use a small milk frother and froth the milk or cream in a jug. The milk can either be heated in a pan beforehand or be cold. It is also great to froth the milk in a milk frother that also heats the milk at the same time.


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