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What is PCO?

Vad är PCO?

PCO stands for polycystic ovaries which means that you have many small and half-ripe follicles in the ovaries, which leads to failure to ovulate as they have not matured enough to release from the follicle.

Symptoms of PCOS:

The most common symptom of PCO is that an ultrasound shows that there are many small follicles on the ovaries. For PCO to be suspected, you must have more than ten cysts of the same size in one ovary, like a pearl necklace. Symptoms also include missed or irregular ovulation.

Causes of PCO:

PCO, can be temporary, and can occur under various forms of stress, after ending the use of hormone-disrupting contraceptives or during an extended menstrual cycle. PCO can be temporary and disappear with the next menstrual cycle.


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