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This is how you support lymphatic circulation for fantastic effects on HEALTH AND HORMONES

Stötta lymfcirkulationen

Many of you, just like us, have challenges with feeling calm when we wake up and immediately rush into all the todo's of the day. It's like the thoughts go straight to work, planning the day and suddenly the heart beats faster, the thoughts are everywhere and the stress is on. In these situations, it is difficult to choose to do what is actually good for us as we have already stepped into the sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight mode).

Often we know what we really need to do but it is difficult to take the step for various reasons. It's not uncommon for some form of resistance to appear that makes you instead choose to go on autopilot: you continue to graze the email even though you really need a break, you use food as energy instead of giving yourself the power nap you need, you skip the morning yoga/meditation/time for yourself and instead start working, doing dishes, folding laundry or something else entirely. Switching to the routines we know would actually make us feel good is easier said than done, we know .

The morning routine that wakes up the lymphatic system and is 10/10 for both body and soul

Since we struggle with this ourselves, we have developed a gentle morning class that works as a meditation while you move the body and get the lymphatic system going, which has a number of positive effects on our health and fertility (whether you want children or not) that we tells more about below. We know how powerful it is to start the day by grounding and being in the parasympathetic nervous system t: where the body can heal, which supports our hormones and above all calms and grounds our inner being.

This class may not be a " yoga class " as you are used to, but this is a mixture of medical yoga and hormone yoga. This form helps to calm the body, reduce stress hormones and activate the lymphatic system. Exactly what we may need but which we rarely give ourselves as we are so programmed to constantly "do" and perform, which can lead to the body being in constant stress. So this is not a class about performance, but only about being - and it suits everyone regardless of previous yoga experience.

In class, we work with different movements that positively affect the ovaries, adrenal glands, thyroid gland and lymphatic system. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes and you get a magical start to the day that helps you land in and calm the body, which is crucial for our menstrual cycle, hormones and fertility.

As I said, we know that you can feel resistance at the beginning, but dare to persevere and be consistent. You will experience results. There will be a shift. I, Susanna, did the session for a week and in that week alone my heart rate variability, HRV (which is a sign of well-being ) increased, I felt much calmer and had more energy afterwards.

How does the lymphatic system affect our hormones and fertility?

The reason the lymphatic system is so important to our health and thus our fertility is that it is part of our immune system and helps protect the body against bacteria, viruses and cancer. The lymphatic system and the blood system are helped to transport fluid away from places on the body where it is excessive, keep the body's fluid balance at the right level and remove old and damaged cells.

The lymphatic system consists of lymph (a liquid found in the body), lymphatic vessels that transport the lymph, lymph nodes that absorb part of the lymph, take care of and destroy bacteria, viruses and other things that can be harmful to the body, the thymus, the spleen and other lymphatic tissue such as the tonsils.

This is how you support lymph circulation

Keys to supporting lymphatic circulation are, for example, deep breathing, movement and stress reduction, all of which are parts you get access to in the class. If you recognize yourself in symptoms such as hormone imbalance, recurrent urinary tract infections, bloating, headaches or difficulty losing weight despite good diet and exercise habits, it may be linked to a poor flow or overload on your lymphatic system.

Different examples of parts that can affect your lymphatic system:

  • Birth control pills
  • Bras, clothes or stockings that leave marks on the body when you take them off
  • Hydrating drinks such as energy drinks or coffee
  • Blood sugar swings created by diet
  • Various stressors (internal and external)
  • Exercise that does not suit your body, for example if you feel swollen after exercise
  • Other parts such as blows to the body, burns, surgical scars or inactivity

Different exercises for the lymphatic system

In the class that we run ourselves every day, we go through several exercises that get the lymphatic system going and affect different glands in the body, which can have a positive effect on your hormones.

Here we go through the exercises and potential effects you can get from the various exercises:

Angel wings
By making five angel wings, you open up your lymphatic system which gets your body going.

Circle your shoulders back and forth in smooth movements
Awakens the body.

Massage the lymph node in the clavicle pit
A gentle movement that you can use several times a day to start your lymphatic system and your flow in the body. In the pit of the clavicle there is a lymph node where all the lymph empties into the bloodstream (our hormones circulate in the blood).

Side folding
Stretches superficial and deep muscles in the chest and between the ribs. This will eventually make breathing feel easier and create space in the lungs which can help lower your cortisol levels (the body can prioritize your hormones over survival)

Lateral rotation
Calms nerve pathways in the spine and reduces anxiety. Relieves painful menstruation and strengthens the uterus. Cleanses the kidney, liver, spleen and gall bladder as well as the small and large intestine. Increases mobility throughout the spine.

Provides a gentle massage for the spine and internal organs. Stretches the front of the upper body and gives a nice effect in the body.

Legs up to the ceiling
Increases blood circulation to the pelvis, stomach, heart and head. Can also help with headaches and sleep difficulties while providing increased energy and calming the mind. Said to rejuvenate our entire organism. This exercise should not be done in case of high blood pressure, menstruation or pregnancy.

Benefits of hormone yoga and getting the lymphatic system going

The benefits of hormone yoga and getting the lymphatic system going are many. Below we thought we'd summarize some of the benefits as a little pep for the upcoming class! When we do yoga that is specifically designed for the hormonal system, we do soft movements that affect our peace and quiet system, such as the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal glands and ovaries, which are crucial for fertility.

As we already know, stress is not a happy pill for our hormones, but it is one of the biggest reasons why so many experience hormonal imbalances, fertility problems and other symptoms linked to the menstrual cycle. By breathing in the right way (and breathing more calmly) and by doing calmer forms of activities, the level of stress hormones drops and, in general, it makes the hormonal balance better. You also help to reduce tension, increase energy flow and blood circulation (remember that our hormones travel in the bloodstream) which in turn can reduce symptoms such as swelling, period pains and stiffness.

So, give yourself this time, you deserve it . A moment just for yourself where you let go of achievement and perfection. This moment is for yourself, for yourself. To get into the routine, we would recommend you to do it at least five days a week, preferably in the morning to get access to all the wonderful effects from the morning. It is perfectly fine to do it at any other time during the day if it suits you better, and you can also do it several times a day when you need a break. You can also shorten it and only do five minutes if that's the time you have.

You can find the class here.


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