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How DIET AND NUTRITION can reduce endometriosis

kost endometrios

Did you know that about 1 in 10 women suffer from endometriosis? We didn't know that. Today we share Stina's journey and how through lifestyle changes and above all through diet and nutrition she was able to increase her well-being and at the same time reduce her symptoms of endometriosis.

In what way does diet and nutrition have an impact on endometriosis?

In my journey to healing my endometriosis , I firmly believe that nutrition was a huge part of my recovery. My focus when it came to diet and nutrition was to reduce foods that could contribute to creating inflammation in the body. Unlike other menstruation-related diagnoses, endometriosis is inflammation-driven . This means that the more inflammation you have in the body, the more common it is to experience more and stronger symptoms.

A powerful tool for endometriosis can therefore be to reduce foods that can trigger inflammation, which in turn means that the symptoms can decrease . In addition to that, my focus was to give the body the energy it needed to heal, partly through food but also through supplements. In my case, it was necessary to add nutritional supplements to support the nutritional deficiency created by the long-term stress I had been exposed to and after all the years of inflammation in my body.

How can inflammation be reduced in endometriosis?

To reduce the inflammation, I chose to avoid foods such as white sugar and gluten altogether. An important part for me has always been to focus more on what I can add, instead of focusing on what I have to take away. That approach makes everything much easier and more positive.

Foods and foods that I added are nutritious and high-quality fats such as eggs, fatty fish, feta cheese, real butter, avocado, coconut oil, nuts and seeds. I also focused on getting full protein and then adding an individually adapted combo of nutritional supplements . In general, it often involves adding supplements that help reduce inflammation, increase circulation and also reduce stress. Then you may need to add some more specific nutrients that support the hormones and also our immune system.

Are you experiencing symptoms from your endometriosis today?

Today I am free from my symptoms and work as a health therapist to help others who also want to feel better. Thanks to my continued healing process, it has been established that I have no adhesions left. So, for several years now I have no symptoms of endometriosis during menstruation. Sure, I feel changes in my body when I menstruate and can sometimes get period pains. But then it's about me being careless with my diet or stressing too much. The body is wise and warns us when we don't take care of ourselves properly.

Since I have managed to influence the endometriosis enough that the adhesions are gone, I do not experience any relapses. On the other hand, as I mentioned before, I can ABSOLUTELY feel that my body tells me off when I don't take care of myself. So if I stress too much, eat and drink too little or train too hard, I notice it in my body. The body also becomes extra sensitive during and after a healing process, so I have accepted that I need to take extra care of myself. Because then I feel at my very best!

Do you want to learn more about how you can support your body with endometriosis?

On March 9, I, Stina, will start a Holistic Circle, which is a concept where we go through crucial knowledge, habits and tools to influence endometriosis. I am a trained holistic health therapist and kinesiologist, if you are interested you can message me on my instagram @stinapersdotter .


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